Big Picture Strategies

Behind every CPM are intentional methods and strategies gleaned from scripture.? These strategies fall into 5 primary categories: Entry, Gospel, Discipleship, Church Formation, and Leadership Development.? How these?strategies interact and work together to further?Church Planting?is?The Big Picture.

Entry Strategies

Every Church Planting Movement begins with a meaningful way to tell non-Christians about the good news of Jesus Christ. We call this an entry strategy. Where an entry strategy is absent, no matter how theologically sound the Gospel presentation, no matter how comprehensive the discipleship curriculum, no matter how robust the leadership training, no matter how sound the ecclesiology, a CPM will never see the light of day.

Gospel Strategies

How many of your people will hear the gospel, the saving good news of Jesus Christ, today? Will they understand it when they hear it? Will they hear it as good news?

Discipleship Strategies

Church Planting Movements are fundamentally disciple-making movements. Discipleship here is defined as growing in Christlikeness over time.

Church Formation Strategies

At the heart of Church Planting Movements are churches, healthy reproducing churches. What are healthy churches? What kind of churches do you find in Church Planting Movements?

Long-term Leadership Development Strategies

Church Planting Movements produce and reproduce Christlike leaders. How does this occur? How are Church Planting Movements around the world today producing the kinds of leaders who can lead and multiply thousands of new churches?