Arabic Language CPM Resources!

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August found me in traveling several hundred miles through upper and lower Egypt. I met some wonderful Christian brothers and sisters who are vibrant evidence of 2,000 years of Christian history in this ancient land.

Four Great CPM Resources in Arabic!

As I shared CPM best practices, my Egyptian translators raced to translate my PowerPoint slides into Arabic. I now want to bounce these back to Arabic-language Christians in Egypt and across the more than 20 nations where Arabic is widely used.

May God multiply His kingdom across the Arabic-speaking world with:

Any3 - a best practice Muslim-evangelism tool from southeast Asia. Download here.

Global CPM Panorama - Look what God is doing around the world! Download here.

Healthy CPM Churches - A handy guide for healthy churches. Download here.

T4T: Training for Trainers - A CPM best practice for multiplying new disciples and churches. Download here.

The Camel PowerPoint

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You've heard about the Camel, now see for yourself. Download the Camel PowerPoint here.

On Strategy and Dead Horses

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Few words are more overused, misused and abused than “strategy.” Who would dare submit a budget or funding proposal without the word ‘strategic’ liberally sprinkled throughout?

But what does strategy really mean? How can we know if we are truly strategic?

Lakota tribal wisdom says, "If you find yourself riding a dead horse, dismount."

Are you riding a dead horse? Do you want to be strategic? What is the best strategy for reaching your people group or community? There are four options to choose from. Don't know them? Then click here to learn more.

Look What God Is Doing!

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God is at work all around the world. You can get a global panorama of God's work in "Church Planting Movements Around the World" through the PowerPoint

...a global panorama of Church Planting Movements!

<CPMs - Look what God is doing!> that you can download here.